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NIKSI Company offers the following services:


  • Logistics Logistics
  • Shipping Local and international freight transport
  • Customs brokerage services   Customs brokerage services
  • Warehousing Warehouse services


 We have the following transport at our disposal:



Semi-trailer with tent 
The most common type of road freight transport. Is suitable for most freight transport. The detachable sheet of the semi-trailer shall allow loading from the top, from the side and from the rear. Load capacity: 20 to 25 tonnes. Effective volume: 60 to 92 cubic meters. The standard and most frequently used machines are of a load capacity of 20 tonnes and 82 cubic meters (hereinafter - cube).



Semi-trailer "Jumbo" 
Semi increased capacity. High-capacity semi-trailer. This is achieved by the reduced diameter of the Г-shaped floor and reduced wheel diameter of semitrailer. Load capacity: up to 20 tonnes. Effective volume: 96-110 cubic meters. Capacity: 33 euro pallets.



there is a car with a sheet + trailer with a sheet. The main advantage is the large useful volume. Lack: Not suitable for carrying long goods. The load capacity is normally between 16 and 20 tonnes. Useful capacity: 100 to 120 cubic metres.



Refrigerator Semi-trailer-refrigerator. Normally used for the transport of food products and for goods which are required to comply with the temperature regime during transport. As a general rule, refrigerators can maintain temperatures between +12 °C and 20 °C. The load capacity shall be between 12 and 22 tonnes. Useful capacity from 60 to 92 cubes. The operation of refrigerators is more expensive than the normal car types by 10-30%, which is related to the continuous operation of the refrigerator.



There is a semi-trailer, a car coupler and a separate one. Normally used for the transport of food products. May maintain a specified temperature for a long period but does not have its own refrigeration unit. Load capacity: 3 to 25 tonnes. Utility: 32 to 92 cubic meters.



Wood Carrier 
Used to transport goods that are resistant to external influences and used primarily for timber transport. Load capacity: 3 to 25 tonnes.





Open platform - container carrier 
Used for the carriage of goods resistant to external effects, such as containers, concrete blocks, coverings, building structures, etc. Can also be used for oversized cargo transportation. Load capacity: 15-25 tonnes.



Oversized cargo transportation platform 
Used for transportation of oversized cargo by road. The capacity of such platforms can reach 83 tons, a special platform design allows for the transport of high loads, but the so-called telescopic platforms allow the length of the trailer to be up to 29 meters, allowing long loads to be transported.



Car carrier 
Intended for the transport of passenger cars. There is a two-level platform on which cars are parked. Load capacity: up to 15 tonnes. The capacity depends directly on the length of the trailer and the cars being transported. On average, 8-10 cars can be placed into the carrier.

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